Project Description

Mechatronics Workshop

The Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre is a state-of -art facility for skills and development training within the automotive sector. It was launched in 2014 as part of the Gauteng Provincial Government’s commitment to skills development. The Learning Centre is part of the Nissan SA Investment Support Programme and is the result of a partnership between Nissan SA and the Automotive Industry Development Centre. The Learning Centre offers training in technologies which match the latest vehicle models.

A partnership in effect since 2016 with the German bfz (Berufliche Fortbildungszentren der Bayerischen Wirtschaft) has created a series of mechatronics workshops including machining skill sets, electrics, hydraulics, training and teaching methodologies for trainers.

With support of the Berufliche Fortbildungszentren der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bfz)

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October & February 2019
Rosslyn, South Africa