Project Description

World Choir Games 2018

The World Choir Games is the largest global choral festival and competition. Organised by the Interkultur Foundation for amateur choirs from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin, race, genre of music or artistic ambitions, its motto is “Singing together brings nations together”.

30 years of INTERKULTUR and the 10th edition of the World Choir Games – this was celebrated in 2018.

The anniversary event of the world’s largest international choir competition came up with a premiere: For the first time ever an INTERKULTUR event was staged in Africa.

More than 300 choirs experienced at the vibrant atmosphere, the very special spirit and character of South African choral music, shared their common passion for singing and got inspired by each other.

Local Director: Services
Accommodation, Meals, Transport, Access, Safety, JOC
60 nations / 16,000 participants / 28 competitions

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April 2017 – August 2018
Pretoria, South Africa